Hans Bolling Danish Wood Mermaid Figurine by ArchitectMade

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Hans Bolling: Mermaid
ArchitectMade, Denmark.

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Hans Bolling Mermaid by ArchitectMade. A beloved Danish design icon returns: the Hans Bolling Mermaid by ArchitectMade designed in 1953. Think of Denmark and you think of, mermaids? Yes, that beguiling statue overlooking the water - you know, the one of the mermaid sitting upright on a rock? Little wonder, then, that Danish architect and designer Hans Bolling chose this iconic form in 1953 as the subject for one of his delightful wood sculptures. Hand carved from maple and smoked oak, Mermaid is abstract yet distinctly feminine. Her tail moves, as do her upper body and ringed arms, so like real mermaids she's never at rest. This classic Hans Bolloing Mermaid wooden figurine comes packaged in a gift box. A beautiful display piece, lovingly brought back to us by ArchitectMade.

At a first glance, the Mermaid reminds one of the famous H.C. Andersen fairy tale and is perhaps the one thing most people associate with Denmark. Part woman, part fish her features demonstrate that Hans Bolling’s Mermaid is much more than a souvenir or a mere character from a fairy tale. Having taken the feminine form beyond the expected, Bolling provided the Mermaid with serenity and wholesomeness. Her character is relevant in today’s time as it brings with it a much needed harmony and balance.

Material: Maple and smoked oak.

Size: 6.5" h x 5.25" w.

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