Guthrie Cubebot Wooden Robot with Poseable Limbs

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Guthrie Cubebot Wooden Robot Toy with Poseable Limbs
Natural Wood Robot Poseable Action Toy in Beech Wood

Guthrie is her name - She plays the Robot Game - Take her in your arms - She'll dance the stars away. Guthrie Cubebot Robot can bend, fold, pose, and solve life's major problems - Guthrie's ready to flip into action; all she needs is you! With hands that clasp together, oblong blocks with muscular shapes, and angled edges for endless positions, Guthrie takes puzzle-bot play to a whole new level. Want a Robot that takes your orders? Need your Robot in an active pose? Poseable Robots make it possible! Flexible Guthrie Toy Robot allows to be arranged in various poses. Display Action Guthrie Robot Toy can be flexible and poseable to suit your needs. This modern jointed Cubebot adjustable robot can attain nearly any position you like. Unlike most flexible robots, this ones has special elastic-jointed arms, legs and head, allowing positions like hand-stand, and arms perpendicular to its body. These Cubebots are perfect for unique active poses like horseback riding, weightlifting, or wrapping an arm around your pen on your office desk.

Size: 7 inches tall with 11 inch arm span (at play); 2.5 x 2.5 inch cube (at rest).
Material: beechwood.

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