NATALE Modern Flat Packed Tabletop Silver Christmas Tree Kit

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Product Details

Flat Packed Silver Christmas Tree Kit
Small Handcrafted Holiday Tabletop Tree in Silver Birch Wood
Decorate with your own ornaments or purchase our matching Embroidery Ornaments
  • Our small modern tabletop trees are fashioned are trimmed & colored by hand
  • Each tree features unique hand-crafted details with sophisticated charm
  • Ready-to-display trees ship flat-packaged and require only minimal assembly
  • Unique and highly decorative; display trees on table, shelf or in holiday decor
  • Makes a cheerful display and a unique modern holiday display
  • Price is for 1 (one) tree - select from 2 sizes
  • Pictured ornaments not included.
Small Tree: 26" h x 21" dia (with 16 circular cut-outs) - Sold Out
Large Tree: 33" h x 28" dia (with 32 circular cut-outs)

Looking for our small flat packed modern tabletop silver christmas trees? Love the holidays but need a small modern tree? Imagine you can have both with Handcrafted Holiday Tree in Silver Birch Wood Fashioned entirely from natural birch wood that is lacquered with a stylish grey silver finish, each tree consists of a three-sized christmas tree pieces that easily slide on top of each other; and which are held by a matching silvered birch wood base. Round cut outs have varied heights: either 3 inches or 4 inches diameter. Hang your own tree ornaments or purchase matching tree ornaments from our store including Embroidery Ornaments or Modern Ball Ornaments. Compatible with any loop-outfitted ornament with a height of maximum 3 to 4 inches. Small notched holes are located right above each round cut out. This high-quality tree makes an instant holiday decor display idea on a table, wall shelf or mantel.

Combine with our NATALE Hand Embroidered Ornaments (pictured).
Christmas Tree Ornaments are included

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