Column Large Cement Indoor/Outdoor Planter Pot

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Product Details

Column: Modern Fiber Cement Indoor/Outdoor Planter Pot
Handmade in Switzerland.

modern outdoor planter pots by eternit color finishes

Add a modern architectural style to your in- or outdoor space with the sculptural Column Planter Collection. Fashioned from lighter weight fiber ciment and styled after Roman columns, this contempary pot is perfect for residential- and commercial applications. The sleek contemporary look complements cool succulents or lush ferns. It is sturdy yet lightweight and adds a great contemporary/industrial feel to your outdoors. Clear eco-friendly raw finish, made of natural materials, 100% recyclable. Standard colors include grey, anthracite and white. Custom RAL colors are available upon request.

Suitable for year-round outdoor use; it is also frost resistant. To protect your containers over the winter, ensure the container is raised above any surface and the drainage hole is clear, allowing water to pass through instead of freezing and thawing in the container, causing cracks.

Column is a modern planter pot for indoor and outdoor uses. This modern planter is handmade and imported from Switzerland. This planter is made of fiber cement which is a mostly organic material and it is 100% recyclable. Fiber cement containers are fiberglass layered with concrete for a light and modern result.

Size Options:
Style A: 24" dia x 20" h (35 lbs weight, 35 gal.)
Style B: 24" dia x 24" h (40 lbs weight, 42 gal.)
Style C: 32" dia x 28" h (77 lbs weight, 88 gal.)

Colors: grey, anthracite, white.

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