Berlin Classic glass pendant light

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Berlin Classic Glass Pendant Light
Transparent Clear Glass Pendant Light Fixture

Our beautiful classic modern pendant lamp has timeless appeal. This stylish glass pendant light fixture is perfect when suspended above the dining table or when you need to brighten up a corner of a room. It is also beautiful above a kitchen counter (we recommend to purchase three of them for kitchen counter installations). This classic modern glass pendant lamp is hand crafted by master glass blowers. It is made from a single piece of clear hand blown glass. This exquisite glass table lamp has become an instant classic with its distinctive timeless features. This light fixture is simple, yet effortlessly elegant. This beautiful glass pendant lamp will be a perfect fit in any interior style Each glass pendant lamps comes hardwired and has a 5' long electrical cord. Made with UL listed components. 60 watt max.

Includes one (1) 60 watts E27 (Squirrel Cage Shape) filament light bulb. Our European-standard 60 watt filament light bulbs are appropriate for U.S. light fixtures and burn at a gentle 15 watts due to the lower U.S. voltage. These filament light bulbs burn less energy and will last longer compared to 60 watt bulbs but will only cast a very soft ambient glow. The light is not strong enough to read by, neither does it provide illumination. Intended to create atmosphere only. Additional light bulbs are sold bottom page.

Price is for 1 (one) lamp.

Dimensions: 8.25" dia x 11.5" h

Material: clear glass, stainless steel.

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