Chicken Family of 3 Ornaments - Glass Christmas Tree Decorations

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Chicken Family 3 Ornaments
Handcrafted Glass Chicken Tree Ornaments - Each is about 6" tall
Complete Chicken Family: Set of 3 different Chickens as Pictured
  • Chicken ornaments are fashioned from hand blown glass and are glazed & colored by hand
  • Each chicken features unique hand-crafted details with artsy country cottage charm
  • Chicken ornaments hang from natural white/red fabric cord loops but...they do not lay eggs
  • Unique and highly decorative; hang chickens from christmas tree, wall or mantel
  • Makes a cheerful display and a unique holiday ornament gift idea
  • Price is for a set of 3 chickens as pictured
Perhaps the best and most fun ornaments ever created! Looking for our super popular hand-crafted Chicken Tree Ornaments? Crazy about Chickens? Love Christmas? Imagine you can have both with our popular Chicken Ornaments! A customer favorite; our lovely set of adorable chickens is ready to come to your home to roost. Designed by our country raised city dwelling staff; each ornament consists of a matching white/red twine that adds a touch of modern country-cottage to their design. This high-quality Christmas tree ornament set makes a great display on any tree. They make a lovely gift too. In fact; we have them hanging around at the office year-round since we love chickens, chicken coops and the fresh eggs they lay shortly before noon. Price is for the set of 3 (three) chicken ornaments as pictured! Makes a FANTASTIC ornament gift idea for ex-country people, chicken-missers or everyone that loves to keep chickens but doesn't have room for a coop.

Please pre-order in time for the holidays. These chickens are flying out fast! Experience Christmas tradition of decorating your tree during the holidays with family and friends with our unique Tree Ornaments featured in the New York Times edition about Christmas Tree Ornaments. Discover the closest thing to bringing Santa and the holidays home with a dazzling collection of gifting ideas, inspiring decor and holiday scenery.

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