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Hans Bolling: Discus Parrot by Architectmade - Wood - Small, Medium or Large

Discus Parrot by Hans Bolling for ArchitectMade. Designed in beautiful pinewood, each parrot is unique, while their colorful hand painted backside resembles tropical feathers in bright contrasts, the front appears in raw, untreated wood. The Discus decorative wooden birds by Architectmade were designed by Hans Bolling in 1961. Their name comes from the ancient sport, which gave its shape to this design. The birds were inspired by Bolling's love of parrots. Throughout his career as an architect, the little bird adorned countless architectural drawings and buildings as a discreet figure in the background. The architect's personal and humorous signature has now come to being in the shape of the discus birds. The birds are available in a family of various sizes and colors, which can be combined as desired.

The hand painted part of the figurine represents the color plumage of the birds, whereas the breast is unhandled and allows the natural quality of the wood to shine through.

Small: 3.93" Height (10cm)
Medium: 6.69" Height (17cm)
Large: 8.27" Height (21cm)

Materials: natural and hand painted pine wood

Item model number: 145439
Product Category: wooden figurines
Category Code: 5609
Product Type: figurines
Design Year: 1961/2018
Model Year: current
Assembly Required: no (ships assembled)
Used For: home decor
Material: wood
Color: natural/blue/red/grey
Color: natural/blue/red/grey
Pattern: natural
Finish: hand painted
Shape: parrot
Style Name: modern
Condition: new
Brand Name: architectmade
Product Name: architectmade discus
Package Quantity: 1 piece
Availability: in stock


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