Decorated White Tinsel Tree

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Decorated White Tinsel Tree

Introducing our Decorated White Tinsel Tree, a vibrant celebration of holiday cheer that will infuse your space with a burst of color and festive joy. This stunning tree stands tall on a sleek silver-colored wood base, creating a perfect showcase for its mesmerizing display of rainbow-colored ornaments.

From top to bottom, the tree is adorned with a dazzling spectrum of hues, transitioning seamlessly from radiant purple to lush green, sunny yellow, pretty pink, and rich red. The gradations of color create a visually captivating effect, making this tree a unique and eye-catching centerpiece for your holiday decorations.

Available in two sizes, choose the 16.5" tree for a charming accent or go bold with the 30" version to make a statement in any room. Each tree is carefully crafted to perfection, ensuring a seamless blend of whimsy and elegance. The silver-colored wood base not only provides stability but also adds a touch of sophistication to complement the festive exuberance of the tree.

Whether you're looking to brighten up a tabletop or make a grand statement in your living room, our Decorated Tinsel Tree is the perfect choice. Elevate your festive decor with this enchanting rainbow display that is sure to be a conversation starter and a source of delight throughout the holiday season.

The price is for one tree, available in either the small or large size.

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