Tall Modernist TH-2 Spindel Shape Planter for Plants

Tall Modernist TH-2 Spindel Shape Planter for PlantsClick to view additional images

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Vessel Pottery: Model TH-2
Produced by Vessel, USA.

Tall Modernist TH-2 Spindel Shape Design Planter for Indoor- & Outdoor Plants. Designed by La Gardo Tackett in the 1950s, the Modern Case Study House No. 22 (in Los Angeles) Architectural Design Planter may very well be one of the most photographed pots in the world of mid-century inspired modern home design. This item is one of the classics in the history of architectural pottery. The aesthetic quality of this dynamic looking icon, with with it's distinctive modern lines, has lost none of its freshness over the years. Each of these award winning creations are made after the original designs from the 1950's. They are hand crafted in the USA and manufactured from the original drawings, molds and specifications. Each piece is made according to two concepts, to manufacture high quality studio production ceramics that will safeguard the health of growing plants, and to design these products in a range of related shapes complementary to today's architecture. This architectural pottery line will show its timeless appeal and graceful simplicity, even without any plants.

For indoor use, a moisture gauge should be used to keep roots from sitting in overly wet soil. For outdoor use, a drainhole may be drilled to maintain proper drainage. Ceramic containers should never be subject to freezing.

Available finishes:
Glazed White (+$55.00)
Glazed Black (+$55.00)
Glazed Blue (+$55.00)
Glazed Green (+$55.00)

Dimensions: 11" w x 21" h

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