Santa & Cole: Miguel Mila M68 Suspension Lamp

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Miguel Mila: M68 Suspension Lamp
Santa & Cole, Spain, imported from Europe.

Designed by Miguel Mila in 1962.
The M68 is a hanging lamp which consists of a large aluminium bell-shaped shade. The electric wire runs from the upper centre section and a tiny metal cylinder marks the transition between the shade and the fine steel wire which supports it.

The shade is an aluminium re-edition of the famous Pop lamps of the 1960s. It is a larger-scale evocation of the American Series. The clean-cut quality of the aluminium gives it a certain Nordic air. The bell-shaped section provides a large surface area for diffusion of the light, which makes it the most rational and functional way of lighting a table.

Material of shade: aluminum.
Size: 18.11" diameter x 8.66" high.
Max. 1 x 100 W.

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