Oluce Outdoor Stones Lamps: Outside Lighting Rocks

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Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli: Stones Outdoor Lighting
Oluce Modern Lighting: Laudani & Romanelli Design Stones Outdoor Lighting
O-Luce, Italy.

Oluce Outdoor Stones Lamps: Outside Lighting Rocks. Luminous outdoor stone shaped rock lighting for patio or garden. This is the outdoor version suitable for outdoor use or wet environments.

Created by Italian designers Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli with Massimo Noceto, they look great clustered together or scattered along a pathway. Use them inside too if you like... the designers also have an indoor version made of opaque Murano glass called Stone of Glass, but the outdoor ones could be used indoors as well. The lamp is offered in two sizes, both at the same price!

Material: Made of durable, weather-tested polyethylene. Uses screw-in fluorescent bulb.

Light Source Small: 1 x max 12W (E27) Fluo EL
Light Source Medium: 1 x max 25W (E27) Fluo EL
Light Source Large: 1 x max 25W (E27) Fluo EL

Size Small: 5.9" h x 7" d x 10.6" w
Size Medium: 7.9" h x 9" d x 11.8" w
Size Large: 7.9" h x 11.8" d x 16.5" w

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