Modern Plastic Cup Like Clear Glass Set (4)

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Modern Drinking Glass Gift Set (4)

Sounds like music water to my ears! If you are in need of a unique & fun glass or simply - a unique gift idea - look no further. Our modern glasses will instill a healthy (and in this case fashionable) tradition of drinking plenty of water. Sure; it may look like regular plastic but have a closer look! It's made entirely out of durable Pyrex-like glass! This stylish designer gift set comes with 4 clear drinking glasses styled after, you guessed it, the classic plastic drinking cup. A unique and most practical gift idea for young and old, our water glasses looks great on the kitchen counter or dining room table, its wonderful and classic design sure beats the traditional water glasses and makes a unique and stylish gift idea for him or her.

Price is for 4 glass.

Dimensions 4.3" h x 3" w

Material: glass

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