Dune Modern Outdoor Lounge Furniture

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Dune Modern Outdoor Lounge Furniture
Modular Outdoor Furniture
Made and imported from Switzerland

Dune Modern Outdoor Lounge Furniture.
The most beautiful modern outdoor furniture collection ever created. NOVA68 is proud to introduce the Red Dot Design Award winning Dune seating system with its beautiful free flowing architectural curves. The Dune collection comprises three difference lounge chairs (left, center & right) and a Dune table. You can create your own Dune layout by adding left-, center-, or right pieces. You can create a very long lounge seating area by adding several center pieces in between a left- and right piece.

Dune is a modular outdoor furniture collection with a beautiful visually attractive free-flowing organic form.  Dune was designed by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch and is hand crafted & imported from Switzerland. Dune is made from fiber cement, a durable composite which is normally used in the construction industry, and is made from natural materials including cellulose fibers. Dune is perfect for modern landscape gardens, patios, courtyards, pool seating, luxury resorts, boutique hotels, public spaces, private resorts or when used as a museum bench.

Dune visualizes the present material-technical maximum parametres of the fibercement material.The result is a highly stable structure with a load-carrying capacity way over the demanded requirement profile for public spaces. The rainwater flows through a hole in the seating surface to the inside of the loop where it is led directly out of the furniture through the curved bottom surface to dry the furniture as fast as possible. Many prototypes and a lot of research were necessary in order to get the maximum stability out of three-dimensional shaped fiber cement; eventually, the geometry of the chair supports its stability through its controlled expansion and compression of the material which results in a load-capacity of around 1980 lbs (900kg) on the seating surface!

The shape of all the Dune elements allows the user to move the objects freely and to choose an individual seating position according to his or her individual taste. This flexibility guarantees at the one hand maximum comfort for the individual and on the other hand facilitates communication when the elements are arranged in a group. Since Dune has been designed as highly modular and indefinitely expandable system, it fits all spatial situations. Whether used indoors or outdoors, Dune is a sculptural of work of art cleverly disguised as outdoor furniture.

Finish: select either titan grey or charcoal black. All finishes on the Dune series are the same. It is a painted finish with a low sheen. Depending on the light angle and the type of illumination (natural daylight or artificial lighting) a picture will show more or less reflection. Please see our large images to see the Dune series under different lighting. We believe the most representative image in the greenhouse setting (main image).

Price is for one (1) chair.

Dimensions of Dune Chair: 38" depth x 37" width x 24" height (weight 105 lbs)
Dimensions of Dune Table: 38" depth x 35" width x 14" height (weight 97 lbs)

A1 – not flammable
UV – stable (100% solid-colored)
Highly breathable
100% recyclable
100% natural ingredients (cellulose fiber and cement)
Green Certificate from the "Institut Bauen und Umwelt" Europe
100% frost-resistant
Highly durable

Red Dot Design Award 2009
Good Design Award 2010
Nominated for the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011
Green Good Design Award 2011
Nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2012
Modern Design Award: Best Product Design 2013

16 weeks lead time