Many Ray Complete Chess Set - Chess Board with Pieces, Wood

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Man Ray Chess Set
Complete Chess Set Including Chessmen and Chessboard
Man Ray Trust, made in Germany

We are proud to re-introduce this beautiful Man Ray Chess Set; made with the approval of the Man Ray Trust, made according to the exact specifications of Man Ray's drawings and original chess pieces from 1920. This beautiful chess set was designed in 1920 by the classical minded modernist, Man Ray. Fascinated by the game of chess and an avid player, Man Ray designed a suite of chessmen with clean, abstract geometric shapes, part classic Cubist sculpture, part components for some enigmatic machine. The King is a Pyramid, the Queen a Cone, the Rook a Cube, the Pawn a Sphere. Chess was a popular preoccupation with Surrealist artists and with Man Ray's frequent collaborator Marcel Duchamp. This historically significant Man Ray Chess Set is handcrafted in in Germany under license of the Man Ray Trust. The Man Ray Chess Set is made with solid beech wood, creating a durable heirloom quality chess set. This beautiful chess set makes a great gift for young and old. Ages 14 years and up.

Man Ray Chess Set, the classic game of chess, in a pure modernist layout. The beautiful Man Ray Chess Set was designed by the American modernist artist Man Ray in 1920. Man Ray spent most of his life in Paris where he experimented with photography, sculpture and film. Among the most famous of Man Ray's works of the time are the photographs of Kiki in which the outline of her body represented other objects. The Man Ray Chess Set is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

King piece represents the Egyptian king's pyramid.
Queen piece represents the medieval queen's conical headdress.
Bishop piece represents a flask for the concocting of healing liqueurs.
Knight piece based on a favorite form, the carved scroll found on a violin.

Material: beech wood
Dimensions: 14.17" x 14.17" x 0.47". Tallest chess pieces are about 2" tall.