Martin Mostboeck: Kyoto Large Modern Round Planter Pot

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Martin Mostboeck: Kyoto Modern Outdoor Planter
Handmade in Switzerland.

Kyoto Large Modern Round Planter Pot designed by Martin Mostboec.
The Kyoto planter is available in a variety of different sizes. Kyoto is a versatile planter that works well alone or in groups. Its soft elegant shape makes it a beautiful decorative planter. This modern planter is handmade and imported from Switzerland. This planter is made of anthracite black fiber cement which is a mostly organic material and it is 100% recyclable. This planter has predrilled drainage holes. The extra large Kyoto planter is perfect for deep rooted trees and plants. While the small and medium versions pair well for slightly smaller root systems.

Size Options:
Mini: 14" diameter x 14" height / 13 lbs. / 6 gal.
Small: 17"diameter x 17" height / 18 lbs. / 13 gal. (+$100.00)
Medium: 21" diameter x 22" height / 30 lbs. / 24 gal. (+$180.00)
Large: 28" diameter x 21" height / 44 lbs. / 42 gal. (+$360.00)
Extra Large: 35" diameter x 28" height / 117 lbs. / 106 gal. (+$890.00)
Giant: 47" diameter x 36" height / 250 lbs. / 106 gal. (+$1,790.00)

Color: Anthracite (dark grey) fiber cement

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