Rodolfo Bonetto: Quattro Quarti 4/4 Modern Stackable Table Set

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Rodolfo Bonetto: Quattro Quarti 4/4 Modern Stackable Table Set
Designed by Rodolfo Bonetto in 1969
B-Line, Italy.

Choose from 3 available colors: white, red or semitransparent violet.

This beautiful sectional table set made history in the design world and became an overnight legend after its release in 1969. Four sections identical to each other make up the Quattro Quarti 4/4, a versatile practical table made of injection- moulded ABS plastic. Thanks to the use of inserts (also made of ABS) the sections can be stacked on top of each other to create a modular bookcase. While by joining the elements together in a number of different ways, circular or undulating tables can be created. Quattro Quarti 4/4 is a perfect fit in a residential setting or for commercial locations where it can be used for display purposes.

Quattro Quarti was featured at "Italy, The New Domestic Landscape":
Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1972

Material: plastic in ABS
Size: 39.37" Dia x 11.81" H (100cm x 30cm).

10-12 weeks lead time

Biography: Rodolfo Bonetto (1929/1991), Italy:
Born in Milan in 1929, Rodolfo Bonetto abandoned a successful career as a jazz drummer to devote himself to the profession of designer. He started up his own business in 1958 and in the years that followed worked in a large number of industrial fields ranging from the designing of tooling machines to clocks, lamps, ski boots, surgical lasers and motorcars (Pininfarina). Mr. Bonetto personified the saying,"a designer should be able to design anything." Being self-taught, he was so keenly oriented towards design praxis as to provide an important contribution to the teaching of industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm and later on at Isia in Rome. He was awarded eight Gold Compasses, the last of which was for his own professional career.