Floz Design: Blomus Verdo Watering Can

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Blomus Aguo Watering Can
Blomus, imported from Germany.

Bring a bit of function and style to your indoor or outdoor garden with these fantastic modern watering cans. The Aguo watering can series were designed by Floz Design for Blomus in Germany. These attractive watering cans are the perfect addition to any garden and are made from durable premium grade stainless steel. The Verdo watering can is available in two sizes. The smallest watering can has a 0.36 gallon (1.4 liter) capacity , the medium can has a 0.79 gallon (3 litter) capacity and is perfect for small indoor and outdoor gardens. It's direct neck allows for exact watering and is perfect for direct watering. The largest watering can has an ample 1.3 gallon (5 liter) capacity, so you won't have to waste time running to the sink for refills. The largest watering comes with a removable sprinkler head which ensures even, gentle coverage, ideal for delicate plants.

The aim of Blomus is to harmonize form and function and to create special products for everyday life. By creating accessories that combine simplicity of function with the beauty of the material, Blomus has created an impressive Design catalog.

Size Options:
Small 1.4 Litter : 14.125" x 4.625" x 8.625"
Medium 3 Litter : 18.5" x 6.25" x 11.625" (+$29.00)
Large with removable rosette 5 Litter: 21.25" x 7.125" x 15" (+$59.00)

Material: Stainless steel

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