Naef Diamant Wooden Diamond Construction Blocks

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Naef Diamant: Naef Toys
Deluxe wooden Naef toy, made in Switzerland.
Presented in a white cardboard gift box.

Naef Diamant (also known as the Naef Diamond) is one of the most beautiful sculptural wooden toys ever created. The world's most precious stone, the diamond, re-created as a multi-faceted wooden play sculpture. Diamant can be disassembled into fifteen pieces that fit perfectly together. The pieces can be re-combined to form ever new geometric variations and almost infinite constructions. Numerous variations can be created with the continuously interlocking elements. You are only limited by your own imagination. Create the most stunning sculptural works of art with Naef's diamond.

Diamant was designed by Swiss designer Peer Clahsen in 1981 for Naef Toys in Switzerland. Diamant continues to be one of our best selling Naef toys! Diamant is a beautiful multi-faceted puzzle. Its unlimited arrangements are as multifaceted as the cut jewel itself. The individual parts allow you to create again and again something new. Look, play and be amazed! Diamant guarantees hours of fun! Ages 6 years and up.

Material: wood
Size: 4.92" x 4.92" x 7.08".

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