Adam und Harborth: Nusskubus Modern 6" Beech Wood Nutcracker

Adam und Harborth: Nusskubus Modern 6" Beech Wood NutcrackerClick to view additional images

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Adam und Harborth: Nusskubus Modern Nutcracker
Siebensachen, handcrafted & Imported from Germany.

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Nusskubus (you have to love that name!) brings the archaic cracking of nuts right into the living room of highly civilized persons. Not far removed from the first blow of a hand-axe, the fully clothed homo sapiens now sits at the table and cracks nuts with two hardwood cubes. The pro c e d u r e is made easier by three diff e rent anvil-hollows suitable for the sizes of nuts that a re common in this world. What remains of the primitive hand-axe: the deliberate blow, the immediate success and the accompanying pleasure .

Presented in a nice gift box, includes instructions.

Materials: 2 cubes of beechwood, waxed.

Size: 6" h x 3" w x 3" d

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