Adam und Harborth: Nusskubus Modern 6" Beech Wood Nutcracker

Adam und Harborth: Nusskubus Modern 6" Beech Wood NutcrackerClick to view additional images

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Adam und Harborth: Nusskubus Modern Nutcracker
Siebensachen, handcrafted & Imported from Germany.

Nusskubus (you have to love that name!) brings the archaic cracking of nuts right into the living room of highly civilized persons. Not far removed from the first blow of a hand-axe, the fully clothed homo sapiens now sits at the table and cracks nuts with two hardwood cubes. The pro c e d u r e is made easier by three diff e rent anvil-hollows suitable for the sizes of nuts that a re common in this world. What remains of the primitive hand-axe: the deliberate blow, the immediate success and the accompanying pleasure .

Presented in a nice gift box, includes instructions.

Materials: 2 cubes of beechwood, waxed.

Size: 6" h x 3" w x 3" d

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