Alessi Presepe Nativity Scene Manger with 5 Figurines - AMGI10

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Alessi Presepe Nativity Scene Manger with 5 Figurines - AMGI10
Nativity Scene Manger Christmas Figurine Collectable Decoration Set
Alessi Figures and Christmas Ornaments

Alessi, Italy.

Alessi Presepe Nativity Scene Manger with 5 Figurines - AMGI10. Presepe nativity scene group in porcelain. Hand-decorated, white. The project is a dialogue with the intriguing world of porcelain figures and especially with the refined tradition of european manufactured items from the eighteenth century onwards, using contemporary artists. Design by LPWK and Massimo Giacon, 2007. By Alessi. Combining two great traditions, the nativity scene and Christmas decor, LPWK and Massimo Giacon introduce the Presepe Group. This group of figurines will brighten up any space during the holidays! Five little characters inside the porcelain globe-like structure creates a flawless decorative space in your kitchen, living room and even as a Christmas dinner centerpiece � the possibilities are endless! Product Features: Made of porcelain. Hand-decorated. Made by Alessi in Italy.

These hand-decorated little porcelain figures are very high quality porcelain and completely adorable. Can be combined with other Alessi Nativity items. This series of "Figure," figurines, purposeless objects or whatever you want to call them, are presented here for the first time. Their study has been going on since the 1990s but has been kept under lock and key until now. The goal is to compare the intriguing world of porcelain figures, particularly the refined production tradition of European manufacturers from the 18th century onwards, with our methods and with contemporary designers. Under the leadership of Laura Polinoro, this collection's top designers (the collection is destined to grow in several directions in the next few years) are Massimo Giacon and Miriam Mirri, two designers who have left their mark, along with a designer who is new to our catalogues: artist Marcello Jori.

Product Features:
Brand: Alessi
Designer: LPWK and Massimo Giacon
Material: hand-decorated porcelain
Dimensions: 6.2 inches diameter x 5.2 inches height

Clean with soft feather duster (not microfiber) if needed.
Great wedding gift idea, housewarming gift.
Made by Alessi in Italy.
Presented in Alessi box.

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