Santa & Cole: Antoni Arola Moare Pendant Lamp

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Antoni Arola: Moare Pendant Lamp
Santa & Cole, Spain Europe.

The Moare (Moire) series is so called due to the effect of the two superimposed cylindrical shades. This is another fantastic result of the research into materials carried out by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole.

The screens of these series of lamps are made of a material used in industrial curtains; they create a luminous effect of symmetrical waters, as if iridescent fabric was being used. The moir頥ffect occurs when the two similar weaves are superimposed. Arola exploits this optical effect by nesting two mesh concentric cylinders: an inner shade (always white), and an outer shade, of greater diameter, that can be white, red or metallic grey. The result is a double cylinder of wavelike reflections that vary depending on the point of view.

The series consists of hanging, floor and table lamps. With four different diametres up to 5 table lamps, 6 floor lamps and 8 hanging lamps combinations can be created, in three different colours. Thus, they satisfy numerous applications, ranging from large public spaces to the most domestic uses.

The matching table and floor lamps both have a rectangular aluminium tube shaft finished in graphite that rises from a solid cast base, also finished in graphite. The light source of all the lamps in the range consists of three incandescent bulbs controlled by a dimmer. The bulbs are protected by a cylindrical acrylic-satin diffuser. The shade material is made of very tough thread with an extremely strong fire-resistant covering.

Material: metal, fabric PVC.
Color of Shades: White, Red or Grey.
Size Moare Pendant Lamp: 24" h (shades not included)
Calbe Lenght: 78.74" (200cm)
Bulb: 3x100W E27

Shade Options:
Small 14" diameter (available in White, Red or Gray): $370.50
Medium: 18.4" diameter (available in White, Red or Gray): $475.00
Large: 24.8" diameter (available in White, Red or Gray): $703.00
XL: 33.2" diameter (available in White, Red or Gray): $1254.00

Helpful Notes:
First you will need the Moare Pendant Lamp ($779.00) which contains ceiling plate, cable and main structure (not including shades). Add upto two (2) additional outer shades. You can choose any color or size of additional shades, but maximum two for each lamp. If you choose more than one (1) shade for a lamp, we recommend a white inner shade for best effect.

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