Light Years Design: Cecilie Manz Caravaggio Modern Pendant Lamp

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Cecilie Manz: Caravaggio P4 Modern Pendant Lamp
Light Years Design, imported from Denmark.

Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors.

The Caravaggio lamp is one of those lamps which everybody loves. The Caravaggio lamp offers instant appeal with its timeless styling and functional direct illumination. Its clean modern lines where inspired by industrial modern design trends of the 20th century. This lamp is a real stunner and perfect for any industrial-style living room, office, loft space or modern home decor. The Caravaggio lamp is characterized by direct lighting without glare. Caravaggio also features an opening at the top, which casts light upwards and illuminates both the suspension and cord.

The designer, Cecilie Manz, wanted to create a simple and soft design which lent itself to both small and large pendant fittings. With the Caravaggio lamp, the curves passed through a number of shapes during the design process but the final version captures a soft and feminine form.

Black lamp comes with red cord and white lamp comes with a dark grey cord.

This lamp is UL approved.

Class: IP20, class of insulation II, F-marked.
Delivered inclusive canopy and 118" cable with integrated wire.

Size Options:
Small: 6.5"w x 8"h, 60W
Medium: 10"w x 12.75"h , 100W (+$100.00)
Large: 15.75"w x 20"h, 200W (+500.00)
XL: 21.5"w x 27.5"h, 200W (+$700.00)

Please take note that the Large and XL Caravaggio may require shipping via truck on a pallet,
shipping is included in price.

Material: Metal with high gloss lacquer.

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Usually ships within 2-4 weeks.