Santa & Cole: Gabriel Ordeig GT4 Pendant Lamp

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Gabriel Ordeig: GT4 Pendant Lamp

Santa & Cole: Gabriel Ordeig: GT4 Pendant Lamp, imported from Europe. GT4 is a large cone-shaped stitched cardboard shade idea for use in large spaces that require an inviting warm light. It was specially designed for the SiSiS in Barcelona and started a fashion trend that still continues today with imitations in all shapes and sizes.

In the mid-1980s people sat in Barcelona's SiSiS and talked under immense cardboard cones that floated in the shadows. Gabriel Ordeig had painted the soft absence of light with an exquisite sort of dimness.

The GT4 shade was originally designed to effectively, economically and warmly light a long bar. It had to project a lot of light, fill the space. and make the people in the bar look attractive. At that time the fashion was for bars with cold lighting and harsh impersonal environments. Cardboard had been relegated to more traditional lamps. Gabriel Ordeig brought thin cardboard back to interior decor, humanizing post-modern designer venues with his particular vision. SiSiS decorated with earthy colours and traditionally classic materials. Warm lighting gradually came back to bars, bringing about a subtle change of psychological attitude: it was no longer necessary to appear hard, arrogant and inaccessible at the bar, it was simply enough to be seen.

Starting with a complex shape, Ordeig continued to purify the design until it was simplified as a cone. Its enormous size makes it an imposing presence and distinguishes it from a string of imitations. These magical cardboard cones were the forerunners of the Bca family and marked the advent of a style of lighting which, years later, continues to be fashionable.

Size: 32" long, 16" diameter at bottom.
Bulb: 1 x 100W.

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