CURIO small glass display case for collectibles

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CURIO small glass display case
Mirrored glass bottom shelf for reflection of collectibles
Display Cases Collection from the Curio Series at NOVA68

Special: prices start at $59.99 instead of $80.00

We have crafted our high-quality and multifaceted CURIO glass display cases especially for displaying collectibles, jewelry or small treasures. We craft each of these intricate showcase displays with crystal-clear glass. We then enclose the glass window panes with delicate yet stylish bronze frames which adds to their overall uniqueness and appeal. We give special attention to the details. Look a bit closer, and you will notice that each glass display case features delicate finger ring pull knobs which add to their understated elegance. Place an object inside, and the display's mirrored glass bottom shelf will beautifully reflect its presence. The CURIO Glass display cases are a popular choice among jewelry designers and small boutiques. They are also functional for home-use for displaying valuables or ephemera. Our bronze, mirror and glass display cabinets also add an enchanting touch to your vanity or makeup table. These beautiful display cases attractively highlight antique books, fossils, collectibles, curiosities and precious objects. CURIO cases display a simple yet refined design style that makes them a fitting and popular choice for any application. Price is for 1 (one) glass display case. Select from 6 (six) sizes.

Price is for 1 (one) curio glass display case.
Select from various sizes.

Material: mirrored glass bottom shelf, crystal glass, bronze

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