Arne Jacobsen 12" Bankers Wall Clock 43620

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Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock
Made by Rosendahl, imported from Denmark.

Bankers Clock by Arne Jacobsen. The Arne Jacobsen Bankers clock is a classic icon of Scandinavian modern design. This beautiful wall clock was designed by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen in 1971. Arne Jacobsen created the Bankers Clock for the National Bank of Denmark in Copenhagen. This clock has hour markers which comprise twelve squares, with the relevant square filled according to the hour. This clock typifies the Danish Modern style which Arne Jacobsen developed. It is a gracious and very functional wall clock and a perfect addition for the home, home office or business. The Arne Jacobsen Bankers Clock is easy to attach to a wall and works with a single AA battery (included).

Arne Jacobsen was one of the most expressive pioneers of functional modern design like the Swan, Egg and Ant chairs. Jacobsen was born in 1902 and lived and worked in Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen was also a famous architect. Most of his greatest buildings are in Copenhagen and include the Bellavista Housing Estate, the Danish National Bank and the famous 1960 Radisson SAS Royal Hotel. In the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Jacobsen's famous attention to detail encompassed every aspect of the building, right down to the cutlery and the door handles, and, as a tribute to Jacobsen, room 606 remains to this day a shrine to its designer, featuring the original furniture and fittings he created for it.

Material: Curved crystal glass, metal case, white dial.

Size Options:
Small: 6.3" diameter ($205.00)
Medium: 8.3" diameter ($235.00)
Large: 11.41" diameter ($300.00)
Extra Large: 19" diameter ($800.00)

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