Biomorphic-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Terrarium Large

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Modern Glass Terrarium Indoor Garden Planter Large
Indoor Gardening Pots and Planters

Our exquisite Biomorphic-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Terrarium is the quintessential gift for urban botanists. Inspired by the fluid lines of mid-century modern Danish glass design, our terrarium planters offer a seamless blend of form and function. Each piece, meticulously crafted from recycled glass by skilled artisans, exudes an artisanal charm with its characteristic bubbles, dimples, and natural flow marks.

These decorative terrarium planters create an enchanting ambiance, perfect for showcasing greenery in any city home.

Hand-crafted in India with care, each terrarium planter bears the unmistakable touch of master artisans, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Embracing the inherent variability of handmade glass objects, customers should anticipate slight variations in finish and minor imperfections such as irregularities, bubbles, and rippling, which only enhance the individuality and charm of each terrarium.

Price is for 1 (one) terrarium planter. Soil & plants are not included.

Material: transparent free-blown glass.
Dimensions: 12" diameter (bottom), 16" height

Product Type: Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Gardening > Pots & Planters
Material: glass
Color: Transparent
Style: Contemporary
Product Detail: biomorphic-shape design, indoor gardening, terrarium planters

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