Kay Bojesen: Wooden Elephant Rosendahl - Oak

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Kay Bojesen: Elephant
Rosendahl, Denmark.

Kay Bojesen's Elephant is a classic wooden toy. The world famous Bojesen Elephant was designed in 1951 by Danish designer Kay Bojesen. This wonderful wooden elephant is a piece of modern Danish design history. With his good-natured look and robust physical presence, Kay Bojesen's Elephant evokes immediate trust and becomes a true companion, all the way from the playpen to the next generation. The Bojesen Elephant is a great companion for the Bojesen Monkey and the Bojesen Bear.

The wooden toys which Danish designer Kay Bojesen created have lasting play power. Kay Bojesen designed these classic wooden toys in 1951. The Kay Bojesen wooden animal collection is made in Denmark from teak and limbawood. Each is a piece of modern Danish design made with superior craftmanship. Their heirloom quality and natural good looks make them extremely popular.

Material: Oak.
Size: 6.3" h.

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