Holiday Tree Swan Lake Tree Ornament, Set of 6

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Product Details

6 Piece Set - White Swans - Christmas Tree Ornaments
Hand-Stitched Details - Natural Wool, Felt, Pearls and Crowns

4-1/2" Graceful 6-PC White Queen-Swan Lake Inspired Ornaments are hand-crafted with Choker w/Pearls, Golden Crowns and exquisite needle-felted wool. Swans, slender and graceful, capture the timeless beauty of the elegant swan with carefully designed details. Our Holiday Tree Swan Lake Tree Ornaments having white hanging loops and come ready to hang on your Christmas Tree. This Felt swan christmas ornament set makes the most refined addition to any holiday decor. Price is for 6 (six) pieces.

Material: wool in various colors.

Dimensions each ornament: 4.5" length.

In stock, usually ships in 2-4 business days.