Elf Knee Hugger Christmas Tree Ornaments Set/3

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Product Details

Elf Knee Hugger Ornaments
Vintage-style Christmas Tree Ornaments
Complete Set of 3 Elf Figurines
  • Elf Knee Hugger ornaments are made with felted wool, resin and fabric
  • Each elf ornament features unique details with vintage charm
  • Elf ornaments are ready to decorate your tree and hang from white cord loops
  • Unique and highly decorative; hang elf figurines from christmas tree, wall or mantel
  • Makes a cheerful display on any tree
Looking for our retro Elf Knee Hugger Ornaments? Love vintage retro Christmas decorating ideas? With our vintage-inspired elf ornament knee hugger ornaments fashioned from felted wool, fabric and resin; we've got just what you need. Designed and crafted from period-authentic colors, each elf figurine displays an authentic 1960s look for a stylish and distinctively retro-modern look. Adorable details such as a gold-colored bow make this Christmas ornament set a customer favorite. Influenced by antique japanese elf finds; our newly made snow elf ornaments can be used to decorate christmas trees, walls or mantels. Price is for a set of 3 (three) elf knee hugger ornaments! They make great holiday gifts too!

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