Verner Panton: Rare Danish Book 1986

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Verner Panton
Svend Erik Moller, Niels-Jorgen Kaiser and Henrik Sten Moller
Numbered Edition from a total limited run of 2000 copies

Scarce title about Danish modern designer Verner Panton. Numbered limited edition. This gorgeous book features the work of world renowned Danish designer Verner Panton. His designs will be very familiar to many design enthusiasts, and you will recognize and remember his work when you see it: The orange molded plastic table and chairs on an orange and yellow hand-tied shag carpet from 1967, the geometrical color designs derived from Joseph Albers rainbow progressions, the space-age plastic light sculptures and the Varna restaurant in Aarhus, Denmark. A very exciting, richly illustrated book of the sources of Verner Panton's impact. This is the first monograph ever published on Verner Panton's work. A must-have for lovers of mid century modern space age design furniture. Please note that this book has a poor binding quality; there is even a note in the book from Verner Panton himself "we regret the poor binding quality". Book should be handed carefully.

This well documented book covers Verner Panton, the most remarkable innovative talent of 20th Century Design and Architecture. His design is searched for by collectors all over the world and fetch high prices at major auction houses. Verner Panton was an artist in the true sense of the word. He did not have the creative obstructions that adults get accustomed too when they grow up. Instead he created his own wonderland through the eyes of a child. His design was consistently brilliant, he created sensual shaped furniture in vibrant colors and even added sound and smell to his interior projects so one could become completely one with his surroundings. He was first to create inflatable furniture, pioneered with the much acclaimed single molded plastic chair and refused to accept gravity by creating the Flying Chair. Panton envisioned a colorful future. His career was highlighted by the Visiona Landscapes he created for Bayer AG in 1968 and 1970 that have now achieved cult status. This book is a profusely illustrated with hundreds of full color pictures that document his fairy tale interiors. It includes a nice timeline with all his creations which make it a necessity for every collector. The Definitive Guide for anyone with a young heart and a wild imagination. We also suggest to visit the online archive.

Publisher: Henrik Sten Moller
Authors: Svend Erik Moller, Niels-Jorgen Kaiser and Henrik Sten Moller
Publication Date: 1986
Language: English
Pages: 72
Illustrations: 192 full color and 66 B&W illustrations
Size: 12 inch x 12 inch
Condition: New
Binding: Softcover
ISBN-10: 8798214616

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