VERDE Large Ceramic Cactus Vases, Set/5

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Verde 5-piece Cacti Ceramic Cactus-Shape Flower Vases
Mottled Green Stoneware with Green and Dark Metallic Glazing

Ceramic Cactus Flower Vases (5-Piece Set) - These Hand-Crafted Stoneware Desert Cactus Display Vase set look great without or with flowers. Shaped after the famous Saguaro Cactus (aka Organ Pipe) and the columnar San Pedro Cactus. Crafted by master craftsmen, each high-quality cactus ceramic vase is fired in a special reduction glaze process. This results in wonderful variations in the color green along with darker metallic mottling and a subtle shine. A most beautiful, very uncommon, and rare set of early 20th-century arts and crafts style inspired art pottery vases inspired by San Pedro- and Saguaro Roost Cactus Vase shapes. Our set includes a set of 5 of these stylish desert cacti vases - receive 1 of each as pictured from 2 different styles and sizes.

Price is for 5 (five) cactus vases; receive 1 of each exactly as pictured.

Extra Small: 3.5" w x 8.25" h
Small: 4 w x 11" h
Medium: 5" w x 15" h
Large: 5.5" w x 7" h
Extra Large: 6.5" w x 10" h

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