David Weeks Ursa Minor Wooden Poseable Bear Figure

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David Weeks Ursa Minor Wooden Poseable Bear Action Toy Classic Wooden Toy for Children and Adults

Special: $89.95 instead of $95.00

Raise the Roof with Ursa Minor. Areaware's Ursa Minor is her name - She loves to frolic and play - no need to run away - she'll catch wild salmon anyway. This modern play toy was named after Ursa Minor, or the Little Dipper, the constellation in the Northern hemisphere. Ursa Minor can bend, fold, pose, and she's always ready to flip into action; all she needs is you! With modern design features, oblong blocks with muscular shapes, and angled edges for endless positions, Ursa Minor takes puzzle-bot play to a whole new level.

Display Ursa Minor action figure style: this modern jointed bear can attain nearly any position you like. Unlike most toys with moveable limbs, this ones has special elastic-jointed arms, legs and head, allowing positions like hand-stand, and arms perpendicular to its body. These wooden toys are perfect for unique active poses like horseback riding, yoga training, mud wrestling, weightlifting, or wrapping an arm around your salmon at the dinner plate. Not dishwasher safe; but plenty of fun regardless.

Part of our carefully-crafted wooden toys made with vivid imagination and cheerful designs. Search "poseable" to see them all. Perfect for after-schoolers and up. Built to last, stimulate, and entertain!

Size: 5.5 x 10 x 4.5 inches.
Material: beechwood.