Acrylic Serving Tray - Clear Plastic

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Modern Transparent Design Clear Rectangular Serving Tray Food
Made and imported from Italy

$95.00 instead of $135.00

Serve food and drinks in style with our acrylic serving tray in clear plastic. Our Modern Transparent Acrylic Food Serving Tray was designed to delight you with unexpected emotions. The semi-transparent lucite material of these clear plasting serving tray and generous size makes it easy taking food from kitchen to dining room. The wave-shaped design varies in intensity and luminosity while projecting a magical three-dimensional illusion onto the surface holding glasses and cups. Images fluctuate and flow in these trays, like mountain streams, rivers of lava, fiery flames. Animated images of the caprices of wind and light. Like the waves on the sea, desert dunes or the shimmering reflections of silk. The Transparent Collection renews our most coveted designs through a knock-out range of rainbow infused finishes that elevate the look of these iconic pieces as well as the aesthetic of your modern spaces. Bring a touch of bright and happy colors into your home. Transparent Trays feature semi-transparent material in Blue, Smoke, Fuchsia, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Crystal Clear.

Small: 18.1" W X 12.6" D X 1" H.
Large: 21.7" W X 15" D X 1.3" H.
Material: transparent PMMA plastic.

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