Small Tagine Serving Pots - Set of 5

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Small Tagine Serving Pots - Set of 5

Tagine dishes - Small Tagine Serving Pots - Set of 5 - Earthy Stoneware - (10" dia or 13.25" dia). This set of five mini-sized diminutive Tagine Serving Bowls is sized for serving small bites, sauces and condiments beautifully. The tagine's inviting soft-lined tapered shape gives them an inviting look. Fashioned by master artisans from hand-thrown clay with clear-glazed interiors and unglazed bisque exteriors in soft oyster grey coloring. These tagines, with their natural look, will look absolutely stunning on a dining table and will complement your dining experience.

Price is for 5 (five) tagines as pictured in various sizes.
Dimensiosn range from 2 7/8" diameter x 3" height to 5 1/2" diameter x 1 7/8" height

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