Classic Edison Incandescent E27 Filament Bulb: Corkscrew Swirl Globe

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Product Details

Classic Edison Style Incandescent E27 Filament Light Bulb
Price is for a set of six (4) pieces
Hard to Find Corkscrew Swirl Globe Shape

Price is for a set of four (4) pieces, large round shape.
They have a E27 (Edison 27 mm) male screw base.

Our hard-to-find corkscrew 'Swirl Globe' filament light bulbs add the right amount of ambient illumination and intrigue to any interior. This globe-shaped light bulb features a beautiful swirl filament pattern which is much harder to manufacture compared to the standard filament light bulbs. Measuring 5 inches in diameter, this large globe-shaped filament light bulb add instant atmosphere when switched on. Easy on the eyes, these bulbs with their intricate filament design add perfect warmth, if dim, to any room with their amber glow - historic or modern . Try them in vintage period light fixtures or try them in contemporary modern glass light fixtures.

Our European-standard 60 watt filament light bulbs are appropriate for U.S. light fixtures and burn at a gentle 15 watts due to the lower U.S. voltage. These filament light bulbs burn less energy and will last longer compared to 60 watt bulbs.

We will expertly package and sent your filament light bulbs.
Light bulbs will be cushioned with packing peanuts to ensure safe shipping.

Size of each corkscrew swirl globe filament light bulb: 5" diameter

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