Kay Bojesen: 7 (Seven) Sparrows on a Plank by Rosendahl

Kay Bojesen: 7 (Seven) Sparrows on a Plank by RosendahlClick to view additional images

Product Details

Kay Bojesen: 7 Sparrows on a Plank
Rosendahl, Denmark

Color therapy. Radiating with vibrant colors, seven hand-crafted wood sparrows hold mementos for seven-day-week. Full of energy and enthusiasm; these gently curved figurines display striking outfits add fresh contrast. We see them creating a colorful accent in the living room, on a window sill or bookshelf. Kay Bojesen: 7 Sparrows on a Plank by Rosendahl is on sale at NOVA68. Price is for the complete set as pictured.

This set of seven Wooden Sparrows, designed by Kay Bojesen from Rosendahl, was originally designed in 1935. Like so many Bojesen designs it was rediscovered in the Rosendahl archive and is now created in all its colourful glory. A lovely addition to the Rosendahl Songbird collection each of the seven sparrows is individually hand painted and can be taken off the wooden plinth/re-arranged and moved accordingly.

Brand Name: rosendahl
Product Name: 7 sparrows on the plank
Designer: kay bojesen
Item model number: 39457
Product Category: home & garden
Category Code: 5609
Product Type: figurines
Design Year: 1935
Model Year: current
Size: 14.96 x 2.64 x 2.44 inches
Assembled Height: 2.64 inches
Assembled Length: 14.96 inches
Assembled Depth: 2.44 inches
Item Weight: 1.2 lbs
Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
Used For: indoor
Application: decor
Material: wood
Wood Type: beech
Display: shelf/window sill
Movement: adjustable
Color: yellow/orange/red/brown/violet/teal/green/black
Color Map: multicolor
Material Type: wood
Base Color: black
Pattern: solid
Finish: shiny
Shape: curved
Style Name: danish design
Intended Use: decoration
Condition: new
Package Quantity: 1 set of 7 birds on plank
Availability: in stock


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