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Scandinavian Modern Houses
The Spirit of Nordic Light

Scandinavian Modern Houses Book 9788798759720. Scandinavian Modern Houses: The Spirit of Nordic Light. Ultra rare collectible title. Scarce out-of-print coffee table book in new condition. This book has beautiful illustrations on Scandinavian Modern Houses. Scandinavian Modern Houses features new photographs of some of the most significant Scandinavian private houses built during the twentieth century to elucidate the distinctive character of Nordic architecture, and to bring attention to the individual house as one of the most distinguished architectural problems, masterly solved by a number of brilliant Scandinavian architects. Nordic architects have developed a special awareness and sense of clarity concerning one of the most important elements for Northerners, namely light! This sensibility and for the different tonal qualities of light, and the extremely conscious use of light as the most important form producing and space defining element, is perhaps the most remarkable common feature of Nordic architecture, the spirit of Nordic light!

The mid century modern Danish houses that are featured are very different in plan, materials and construction. Though they were built in a span of time from the 1930s until today they are all strikingly modern. The power and quality of their architecture make them timeless. We have primarily selected the houses reviewed in SCANDINAVIAN MODERN HOUSES on the basis of subjective, emotional criteria - we have chosen to present those houses that are among our personal favorites. Many other beautiful and significant houses could have been included, and thus a second volume will follow this book. Per Nagel´s evocative photographs depict the special quality of the Nordic light and convey the atmosphere of the outstanding houses in such a magnificent way that the reader can almost experience the feeling of being there.

Some of the houses featured:
Gunnar Asplund, 1937, own summerhouse
Arne Jacobsen, 1938, own house
Alvar Aalto, 1939, villa Mairea
Finn Juhl, 1942, own house
Arne Korsmo, 1954, own house
Bertel Udsen, 1955, own house
Halldor Gunnlögsson, 1958, own house
Hanne & Poul Kj沨olm, 1962, own house
Gehrdt Bornebusch, 1967, summerhouse
Gehrdt Bornebusch, 1971, villa Hoff
Jorn Utzon, 1977, own house
Hans Dissing, 1977, own summerhouse
Knud Holscher, 1997, own summerhouse
Sverre Fehn, 1997, villa Holme

Publisher: Living Architecture
Authors: Tobias Faber and Per Nagel
Publication Date: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 240
Illustrations: profusely illustrated with full color illustrations
Size: 9.5 inch x 12 inch
Condition: New
Binding: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
ISBN-10: 8798759728
ISBN-13: 9788798759720

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