Eric Janssen: Voila! Round Modern Design Trivet by Merlo-t

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Voila! Round Modern Design Trivet
Merlo-t, imported from Germany.

Special: $49.99 instead of $60.00

Are you looking for a great gift idea? This wonderful kitchen gadget is perfect for everyone! The stovetop comes to the table with these witty trivets designed by Eric Janssen to resemble cast iron gas burner grates. The Voila! trivets are made of heat-resistant nylon that can tolerate temperatures up to 480° F, so hot pots and pans can be placed on them directly from stovetop or oven. To prevent slipping, trivet bottoms are over-molded with rubber. Voila! trivets are perfect for any table decor.

the Voila! trivets expand on the modernist form-and-function design approach by adding a reference to familiar archetypal form. Something about the object‘s function or its social context is conveyed through this iconic association.

Size: 9.5" diameter

Material: heat-resistant nylon with non-slip rubber base

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