Jonas Damon: Numbers LED Clock Alarm by Areaware Black with Red

Jonas Damon: Numbers LED Clock Alarm by Areaware Black with RedClick to view additional images

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Jonas Damon: Numbers LED Clock Alarm by Areaware
Areaware, USA.

Numbers LED Clock Alarm in black with red LED numbers.
Looking for a unique and functional gift idea for yourself or your loved ones?
Alarm clocks are part of daily life so pick one you will actually love! Jonas Damon's Numbers LED Clock Alarm is a functional modern design object for daily use. The Numbers LED Clock is a super modern alarm clock made up of four cubes. Each cube features a single LED number. When the cubes are put in the correct order, it tells the time. By separating the digits, the clock allows you to angle and place the cubes how you can read them best, all while making quite a statement in the bedroom or office. They can even be stacked on top of each other. The dimensions of each cube is 1.5 inch width by 2 inch height.

The Numbers LED Clock is an alarm clock consisting of four 2 inch tall cubes. Each cube displays one glowing LED digit to make up the time display. Unlike static boxes usually associated with alarm clocks, this interactive collection of changing numbers can be arranged in any configuration. The Numbers LED Clock Alarm is a very decorative and functional modern design desktop clock which will certainly compliment your home decor or your desktop.
Perfect for the bedroom since it produces no ticking sounds.

Clock alarm with snooze.
Clock alarm with adjustable LED brightness.
Clock alarm with time memory during power outages.

Time memory: Insert 3 x 'AAA' batteries in the battery compartment of the control box. If the main power supply is interrupted, the batteries will operate the clock, although the LED display does not light up. The display will show the correct time when the main power supply is made available again.

Size: 2" height x 1.5" depth x 8" length
Material: ABS, RoHS Compliant Electronics

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