Herringbone Ceramic Serving Tray by Vitra

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Herringbone Ceramic Serving Tray by Vitra
Vitra Design, Germany

Herringbone Tray by Vitra (Yellow or Green) - Serve appetizers or fruits in style with the Herringbone Tray designed by Raw-Edges for Vitra. Vitra's Herringbone Trays are fashioned from glazed ceramic by repeatedly immersing them in a coloured glaze. This process yields a pattern with an intrinsic logic, determined by the dipping angle as well as the shape and weight of the piece. As the dyeing process is performed entirely by hand, each tray in the Herringbone Collection is a unique object. This handmade, high-fired stoneware tray is perfect for serving food or as a decorative element.

The Herringbone bowls are an exemplary illustration of how fabric, ceramic and wood each react differently to the immersion process. The edges of the color fields are blurrier and softer on the wooden objects, lending them an expression of cosy warmth enhanced by the natural shade of the untreated areas. Each Herringbone Tree is manually dipped into the dyes, making it a uniquely crafted artefact. The Herringbone Trees are exclusively available in a limited-edition.

Raw Edges teamed up with a local potter to make these unique, custom ceramic bowls. Each bowl displays unique color patterns. Choose either sand or mint.

Price is for 1 (one) tray.

Dimensions: 14" diameter x 1.5" height.

Material: hand glazed ceramic, dip-dyed by hand.  

Usually ships in 2-4 business days.