Jigger Stool: Polished and Hand Embossed Aluminum Seat - Side Table

Jigger Stool: Polished and Hand Embossed Aluminum Seat - Side TableClick to view additional images

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Jigger Stool: Polished and Hand Embossed Aluminum Seat/Table
Hand-Crafted Collection

Special: $349.00 instead of $398.75

Refresh your home decor with our polished and hand embossed aluminum Jigger stool that doubles as a little side chair or cocktail table. Styled after its namesake double-sided cocktail cup used to measure your favorite Manhattans and Martinis. Sleek and sculptural, this aluminum table/seat nicely compliments any interior setting. This polished little gem can act as a side table next to the sofa, an extra seat or even as a nightstand. A perfect addition to the living room or bedroom. This beautiful little seat is fashioned from recycled aluminum which is hand polished and embossed. This highly decorative seat will look right at home amid antiques and modern furnishings. An easy fit with any style.

These hand-embossed aluminum seats are hand finished by master artisans which is precisely the reason we like them. Each seat is a "one off" unique piece, finished by hand. Please note that due to this peculiar uniqueness, customer must be able to accept understandable variations in shape as well as minor imperfections that are normal for unique hand made objects.

Dimensions: 18" h x 13.75" dia

Material: hand-embossed polished aluminum.

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