Holiday Decor: Festive Ice Glass Stalactite Drop Pendants

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Holiday Decor: Festive Glass Stalactite Drop Pendants
Christmas and Holiday Decoration Ideas Collection

Special: $80.00 instead of $95.00

Our beautiful festive stalactite glass drop pendant garlands (set of 6 pieces) appear like magically frozen rain drops or snow crystals. Capturing the fleeting beauty of falling raindrops, these icicle-shaped decorative glass pendant garlands set a festive mood in your holiday decor. Suspend these stylish glass pendant fixtures from the ceiling or hang them in the window and create your own beautiful holiday decor. Like frozen water sliding along an almost invisible glass string, silver balls hover between clear glass tubes. This composition of delicate dots and dashes beautifully reflects the light when hung in a window or suspended from your ceiling. Our price includes a set of six pieces; two each of three sizes. Our beautiful festive ice glass stalactite pendant garlands are meticulously fashioned from clear borosilicate glass tubes and silver-mirrored glass balls. A unique holiday decorating idea, these beautiful pendants will be the perfect accent in your holiday decor for many years to come.

Price is for 6 (six) pieces.
You will receive 2 (two) pieces each of the following sizes:
29" l x 0.5" w
38.5" l x 0.5" w
45" l x 1" w

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Material: borosilicate glass tubes with mirror glass balls.

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