Floating Modern Concrete (Round) Outdoor Patio Side Table

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Floating Modern Outdoor Coffee Table for Patio or Garden
Handmade in Switzerland.

modern outdoor planter pots by eternit color finishes

Floating Modern Concrete (Round) Outdoor Patio Side Table. Modern and chic aggregate of portland cement, sintered limestone, marble clay and reinforcing fibers cements a sculptural, floating shape that reminds us of a magician's floating table cloth. This show-stopping floating coffee table is versatile enough to be used year-round on your terrace, patio or courtyard. Its neutral grey and anthracite color finishes allow it to blend in with most exterior styles and color configurations. It is sturdy yet lightweight and adds a great contemporary/industrial feel to you space. Clear eco-friendly raw finish, made of natural materials, 100% recyclable. Suitable for year-round outdoor use; it is also frost resistant.

Can be used without or with the wooden table legs as pictured (wooden table legs are included in price).

Available in two colors; either grey (pictured) or anthracite black.

Size Options:
Dimensions Small Table: 18" length x 18" width x 17" height (22 lbs)
Dimensions Large Table: 23" length x 23" width x 14" height

12-16 weeks lead time