Felt Badger Christmas Ornaments - Set of 6

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Felt Badger Christmas Ornaments - Set of 6
Highly Detailed - Numerous Accents - Festive Attire

4" Felt Badger Christmas Ornaments w/ Loops in Wonderful (Hand-Crafted) Attire (Dresses, Sweaters, Backpacks, Handbags, Books, Spectacles, Pens) - Set of 6 - Crafted with great attention for detail. These clever badger animals are holiday tree ornaments that are sure to add instant Christmas atmosphere and simple mantel, table or on trees. Each honey-loving Badger ornament is hand-crafted to resemble American Badgers with needle-felted wool techniques. These forest creatures, also known under their Latin name Taxidea Taxus, make an ideal gift for Christmas. Smart-looking bookish Badgers are outfitted with simple ornament hanging loops.

Material: felted wool, embroidery, leather, jute.
Dimensions (each): 4" h x 2.5" w.
Price is for 6 (six) Badger ornaments as pictured.

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