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Liquorice Modular Wall Bookshelves by Alessandro Masturzo
B-Line, imported from Italy

Liquorice is a fun and innovative modular wall bookshelf. The price is for one (1) unit which can be hung on its own or become part of varied combinations. Designed by Alessandro Masturzo and made to look like the famous candy, Liquorice is a great solution to add great-looking wall shelves in a wide variety of configurations. Liquorice bookshelves are made of durable rotomolded polyethylene; a material that is strong and will not fade over time. Liquorice bookshelves are a great way to inject a splash of color and add a fun twist to any modern space. They make a good place to store or display books or your personal collection of vintage Panasonic Panapets and Toot-a-Loops. The Liquorice bookshelf is 11.33" deep (28.8cm) which is a sufficient depth for most books. After all, it is a shelf and not just a piece of eye "candy"!

Liquorice is easy to install to most walls with an easy mounting system included. Screws are not included however since each type of wall requires its own type of screws. For example; hollow walls require hollow wall anchors; concrete or brick walls require concrete-and-masonry anchors. Ask your local hardware store for recommendations.

Each shelf has a suggested maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs. (15kg).

Collection: B-Line
Category: Wall Shelves, Ledges, Bookshelves
Dimensions: 26.57" Length x 9.84" Height x 11.33" Depth
Seat Height: 15" Height
Materials: Constructed of durable polyethylene plastic
Style: Modern, Contemporary
B-Line Product Code: liquorice

Custom order; usually ships in 8 to 12 weeks.
Usually ships in 8-12 weeks.