Modern Bunny Rabbit Balloon Animal Decor Sculptures Set/4

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Metallic Bunny Balloon Animal Figurines Set/4
Home Decor and Art Sculptures Collection

Special: $99.95 instead of $120.00

The finishing touch to any modern décor, our Metallic Bunny Balloon Animal Tabletop Sculptures for the Home bring life and personality into any interior design. Selected to complement contemporary furniture and a modern style of interiors, these modern figurines are intended to be used as home accents and can be added to shelves, tables or coffee tables. Accent your home with this 9-inch contemporary table-top sized art sculpture set from NOVA68. Price is for the complete set of 4 (four) bunnies.

Material: metallic ceramic in four assorted colors.

Size: 9" height each bunny.

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