Nodo Contemporary Illuminated Globe by Atmosphere Globes

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Nodo Contemporary Illuminated Globe by Atmosphere Globes 12"
Atmosphere Globes, Italy.

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Nodo Contemporary Illuminated Globe by Atmosphere Globes by Italian designer Walter Giovanniello. Atmosphere NODO is an illuminated table top globe with a contemporary chromed steel base. Its white translucent surface and thin red tracings of country boundaries produce a clean and minimalist look. The Atmosphere NODO is a unique design globe that will impress all visitors in your office, living room, or entrance hall. Although it has an extraordinary and remarkable design, this Atmosphere globe will match every interior and will add a touch of elegance to any setting. The globe has been carefully designed by Walter Giovanniello and combines a fresh white ocean with an amazingly subtle drawn map in red accents. The NODO features a stylish base of chromed steel. Includes 1 x 25W E12 bulb.

Embodying form, function and clean lines, this table top globe features an internal lighting system that provides a soft glow. The chromed steel base is created by two entwined steel tubes, resulting in a tripod style base. One tube, serving as the axis, is open-ended for the electric cord and cleverly minimizes the cord's presence. Against the white translucent surface, political boundaries are outlined in red, with countries, national capitol cities and major cities labeled in black. Light the world with the Nodo Illuminated Globe. Crafted by Tecnodidattica who supplies the world with National Geographic Globes and this particularly fine collection of Atmosphere globes. Largely handmade, the globes are blown much like glass, and assembled on their bases using designs from various gifted designers and engineers. Product Features: Political boundaries outlined in red Countries and select cities labeled in black National capitols indicated by a star Internal light.

Size: 12" diameter x 15" height
Material: stainless steel, high-quality acrylic plastic, light

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