Atmosphere Anglo Globe with Tulip Base

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Atmosphere Anglo Globe with Tulip Base 10"
Atmosphere Globes, Italy.

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Atmosphere Anglo Globe with Tulip Base by Scandinavian designers Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek. Anglo is a faithful representation of the planet featuring clean lines and innovative styling. Made in high-quality materials, this globe comes in three different colors, to suit every type of setting. This Atmosphere Anglo is a combination of functionality and pure beauty. In the first place, a globe is of course an object to improve your topography. With this beautiful Anglo globe you will certainly succeed: this globe has a clear political map, so that you can easily look up all the countries of the world and gather geographical information. This beautiful desktop globe measures 10" in diameter.

The Atmosphere Anglo Globe with Tulip Base is available in three different colors. All the globes have silver colored continents, but the choice is yours for the color of the ocean. This globe is available in black, red or slate. Pictured are the black and red globes.

Size: 10"DIA x 14"H
Material: stainless steel, high-quality acrylic plastic

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