Alessi 9090/6 Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker 6 Cup

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Alessi 9090/6 Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker 6 Cup
Alessi, Italy.

Alessi 9090/6 Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker: 6 Cups. This stainless steel, stovetop espresso maker produces 6 cups of rich, authentic Italian espresso in just 4-5 minutes. This espresso maker puts out at least 6 full espresso cups (based on 1.6 ounce "cups"), or fills one large mug. Designed by Richard Sapper, the Alessi Espresso Coffee Maker is made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel, polished or coated with black silicone resins. It holds up to 10 ounces of water to produce up to 6 cups of espresso. It also includes a reducer that will produce 3 cups of espresso using 5 ounces of water, which still produces fresh espresso without sacrificing quality and taste. The stovetop expresso maker, designed by Richard Sapper, consists of the boiler (lower part), filter-funnel, reducer-filter, washer of special rubber, upper/micro filter, upper container with internal column for piping coffee into the container, stainless steel lid and handle, and brass safety valve.The main characteristics of the stove top espresso coffee maker, apart from its upwardtapering shape with the wide base for maximum utilisation of the heat source, are the non-drip spout, the lever-type closure, and the stainless steel non-slip handle.

Alessi has created a premium grade stovetop espresso coffeemaker with a distinguished style and hand crafted to the highest possible standards in the industry. Featuring a heavy gauge 18/10 stainless steel construction polished to a mirror finish, induction base, and suitable for all cooking surfaces. This exceptional espresso coffeemaker is beautiful as well as practical.

Six-cup espresso coffee maker, in 18/10 stainless steel with cast iron handle. The 9090 isn't just the first espresso coffee maker in Alessi's history: it was also Alessi's first object for the kitchen after the 1930s, the first of Alessi's many Compasso d'Oro awards (1979), Alessi's first object to be inducted into the Permanent Design Collection at the New York MOMA, and of course it's the best-loved Alessi coffee maker bar none, as well as Alessi's first "amphibious object", i.e. it is for kitchen use, but with its high design quality it can also be brought directly to the table.

Product Features:
Brand: Alessi
Designer: Richard Sapper
SKU: 9090/6
Material: 18/10 stainless steel with cast iron handle
Dimensions: 8 inches height x 5 inches diameter
Contents: 10.5 oz. or 30cl
Capacity: 6 full espresso cups, or one large mug
Weight: 2.8 pounds

Hand wash to retain quality of product.
Great wedding gift idea, housewarming gift.
Made by Alessi in Italy.
Presented in Alessi box.

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