Tendo Japanese Furniture: Yamanaka Group Mushroom Stool

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Yamanaka Group: Mushroom stool
Designed for Tendo Japan, 1961.

This wonderful Mushroom stool is probably the most pleasing modern stool ever created. Yet, for all it's beauty, it is surprisingly hard to find. In 1961, Tendo held a competition and asked numerous Japanese designers to create the most beautiful stool. The Mushroom Stool stood out, received great reviews and accordingly received the winning award. The quality and finish is unsurpassed. The process to connect the 3 parts together is only mastered by a few Japanese craftsmen. All this beauty and craftsmenship doesn't come cheap, but then again, it was intended to be a quality and exclusive product.

Material: molded wood (choice of Mahogany or Camphor)

Color/Finish Options:
Camphor (+$75.00)

Height: 15.16'' (385 mm)
Width: 17.87'' (454 mm)
Depth: 17.95'' (456 mm)

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